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Product Inquiry


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Telecommuting monitoring/surveillance system (JTM)

Product introduction

Operation server specifications of the telecommuting monitoring system

Reasons for introducing a telecommuting system

Precautions regarding labor before the introduction of JTM   (Korean Language)

Telecommuting agreement form   (Korean Language)


Video conferencing (VideoOffice)

Product introduction   (Korean Language)

Introductory material

▶   Comparison of 4NB paid/free video conferencing products   (Korean Language)

▶   Introduction of 4NB video conferencing system application technology   (Korean Language)

▶   Comparison of 4NB video conferencing rental products   (Korean Language)

▶   Problems of ActiveX technology and 4NB video conference driving technology   (Korean Language)

▶   Dualization configuration plan of video conferencing system   (Korean Language)

▶   4NB Customers by field   (Korean Language)

Third party product comparison data

▶   4NB-Zoom Video Conferencing Comparison   (Korean Language)

▶   App-based video conferencing (4NB) – Comparison of web-based video conferencing   (Korean Language)

▶   Comparative analysis of S/W video conference (4NB) – H/W video conference (Polycom)   (Korean Language)

▶   4NB-Google Meet Video Conferencing Comparison   (Korean Language)

▶   Comparison of video conference data transmission methods (P2P vs C/S)   (Korean Language)

▶   4NB-Skype-Hangout Video Conferencing System Comparison   (Korean Language)

Other materials

▶   Zoom Video Conferencing Security Accidents   (Korean Language)

▶   Information Leakage of Global IT Companies as Seen in the Snowden Incident   (Korean Language)


Video education (VideoSchool)

Product Introduction   (Korean Language)


Electronic Window (E-Window)

Product Introduction


4NB company introduction   (Korean Language)

▶   4NB Press Board History   (Korean Language)